Tedious questionnaires. Sifting through profile after profile. Dates that are all coffee and no chemistry. Online dating is a social necessity for modern singles, but it can be time consuming, frustrating, and often unproductive.

What if it took fewer clicks to find someone you’ll truly click with? FindYourFaceMate.com is a new dating site based on scientific evidence that “likes” attract when it comes to facial features. The site uses facial recognition technology to search its “face base” of member photographs for potential partners with similar features, and thus, a greater chance for chemistry.

A picture truly is worth a thousand words, and on FYFM.com, it is a smart and efficient start to the matching process. Other sites require users to answer question after question, write a daunting personal statement, and then spend hours searching. But they leave one essential catalyst – chemistry – out of the picture.

By beginning with the very element that others have left to chance, FindYourFaceMate.com has forever shifted the paradigm for the online dating experience. “We are using technology to restore classic romance and excitement to dating in our time,” explains founder Christina Bloom. “When chemistry exists from the start, two people can slowly and gradually discover whether their personal styles and values will mesh for the long term. That’s a time honored courtship model that predates the internet dating phenomenon. Remember when serendipity connected two faces across a crowded room?”

Bloom recognizes that chemistry alone may not be enough to build and sustain a relationship, but cautions that it is a necessary ingredient. “We’re here to give couples a running start towards finding love. Whether they click in terms of personal styles and values, and will ultimately remain compatible is up to them,” she says.

“Never underestimate the power of a face,” says the New Yorker, a former Wall Streeter, whose brainchild stems from personal experience and years of observation. About 20 years ago, Bloom started dating a man for whom she felt an unprecedented attraction. “I wasn’t aware at first, but our facial features were so similar that we were constantly told we looked like brother and sister,” she says. Then, she began to notice the same phenomenon among friends, family, and celebrity couples like Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, John Lennon and Yoko Ono, and Elvis and Priscilla Presley. Bloom did extensive research, penned a book and launched a blog, and then decided to put her theory to work on behalf of singles everywhere, straight and gay. The result is FindYourFaceMate.com.

Face matching is the avant garde of online dating and FindYourFaceMate.com is the only site that suggests matches buttressed by scientific evidence. Numerous scientific and behavioral studies from around the globe have shown that individuals are innately but unconsciously attracted to others with facial features similar to their own. For example, a 1989 study published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, which involved pictures of actual couples and random pairs as a control found “that the observation of facial resemblance among couples appears to reflect a real phenomenon.”

To get started, FindYourFaceMate.com users simply register, upload a photo, and answer a brief set of questions — a process that takes only a few minutes. Once suggested face matches are returned, they can select candidates with compatible personal styles and values, and communicate safely through the site.

The site already boasts 43,000 members, and is expected to become fully operational in late summer or early fall of 2011, when the face base (database of faces) has grown enough to ensure quality matching for all members. In the meantime, the FindYourFaceMate.com team urge singles ages 18 and up to take advantage of limited time, free charter membership – a privilege they can enjoy for life or until they find that perfect match. “Tell your friends to tell their friends. This is definitely a ‘more is more’ concept, and as our membership multiplies, we can truly deliver on the full potential of face matching,” says Bloom.