How it Started

Twenty years ago, FYFM’s Founder, Christina Bloom fell in love. As most people who have been in love know, the feeling is powerful. Once you have that incredible connection, it is very difficult to live without. People frequently told Ms. Bloom and her boyfriend how much they resembled one another. She was fascinated and wanted to understand more. She started studying couples and noted a similar phenomenon with others. It became clear that those with powerful chemistry were almost always facial feature matches. It’s sometimes hard to discern because of hairstyle or skin color or weight, but if we focus on the features we see strong similarity coincides with strong passion. When we fall in love (or meet our facial feature match) the neurological response in the brain triggers a release of endorphins and other mood enhancing chemicals that puts being in love in a category all on its own. A relationship without chemistry can be a time bomb waiting to happen. Ms. Bloom’s hypothesis was confirmed by years of relevant scientific data, which buttresses her belief in facial feature matching. What was a fascination for over fifteen years has recently become a vocation. A private interest turned into a business that would help singles meet potential partners when she launched Find Your FaceMate® in March of 2011.